Dear guest of Amosa City Center Hotel and Aparts,

Of course, the health of our guests and employees has the highest priority. In Belgium, according to government and security region guidelines, hotels are only allowed to receive guests for essential reasons. Also, no food and beverage outlets are open yet. These rules apply with certainty until June 8. On this date, the government will provide clarity as to whether extension of these rules is possible and permitted. Keep checking our website regularly for updates. See: (Corona regulations and associated measures)

What precautions have we taken as Hotel Amosa to prevent infection and spread of the virus.

Follow-up 1.5 meters society:

Something we had never heard of until recently, but will probably become part of our daily lives for quite some time. In addition to this rule, Hotel Amosa also spends a lot of time and energy to prevent contamination and spread. In order to achieve this safety, we have adapted our hotel as closely as possible to the new guidelines. We have tried to think of everything when it comes to contamination and spread. We hope to guarantee you a carefree and safe stay.

What do we do in our hotel to ensure the safety of our guests:

- We follow government guidelines and recommendations.

- We use protocols regarding cleaning and hygiene.

- Our hotel has information about Covid-19 and management instructions. The Management instructions can be found at the reception including various protocols.

- We offer the possibility in public areas to clean hands with disinfectant liquids to reduce contamination to a minimum.

- All exposed surfaces such as door handles, lift buttons, are regularly disinfected with antibacterial liquids

- Strict attention is paid to procedures such as handling, such as colleagues who are sick or show symptoms. (staff or family with symptoms: staff stay at home)

As previously indicated, no food and beverage outlets may be open in our hotel until 8 June. Should the situation change after June 8, the following rules will apply in our restaurant and breakfast room:

- Maximum 2 people per table. Only as a family 4 persons per table.

- We ask to wait until you are escorted to your table.

- To maintain the 1.5 meter rule, we will serve at an appropriate distance, asking you to then take the order yourself.

- Our employees will wear gloves for hygienic reasons.

- If applicable, we ask to pay with pin or contactless

- As soon as we are allowed to serve food (breakfast) again, we offer an a la carte breakfast instead of a breakfast buffet.

Very important for you to know : Free cancellation

Due to the situation in recent weeks, we understand that everyone wants to go out again. However, this continuously changing situation prevents many people from taking a few days out. As it stands, this might be allowed again in Belgium from 8 June. To reassure you, we offer you the option to cancel free of charge until further notice, so that you never lose your money and you always have the option to move or cancel your booking. For any reason !

- Cancel your booking up to the day (24 hours) before arrival completely free of charge.

- Feel free to contact our team: In case you wish to move your booking and a new date is more expensive than the original booking, we are forced to calculate this difference. Valid on bookings made through or hotel websites.